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Airline Reporting Company Surety Bond

Surety Bond

Penal Amounts vary

GENERAL INFORMATION: License & Permit Bonds - 1% - 5% average and 5% - 25% (and higher in the non-standard market).. Many license and permit bonds are in the 1% - 5% range. This depends upon the industry you are seeking bonding and what the purpose of the bonding. Tax bonds (Sales Tax, Alcohol Tax, etc., are rated higher. These bonds are considered hazardous. Some bonds are instantly issued and credit is not a factor (Notary, Outfitter, some Process Server, etc.). And some bonds require collateral regardless of credit standing. Our primary goal is to obtain the very lowest rate available that you qualify for.

ARC Bond: ARC Bonds are required by the Airline Reporting Commission to guarantee payment collected by the travel agency will be forwarded to the appropriate airline.

Seller of Travel: Bonds are required to ensure that funds collected are sent to the appropriate recipients. In the event that the funds are not transferred, a claim can be placed against the surety bond.

Credit Will Be Reviewed For This Bond

This bond's rate begins around $10 - $20 per 1k ($150 Minimum)

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General Note: Some bonds can be instantly issued and some can be issued within a few hours. If the bond needs to be underwritten it can take 72 hours or longer depending upon the size and complexity of the bond.

Airline Reporting Company Surty Bond

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