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Buyer's Guide - Surety Bonding Steps

This is a brief overview of the surety bonding process. In most instances the bonding process can be accomplished in 10 or fewer steps. There are instances where the process is much more complicated. Contract bonds for example can have additional steps and documentation. However, below will give you a general idea of the process.
Step 1

The first step is determining what kind of bond you need. This can be determined by what you want the bond to do. There are several categories of bonds. Bonds are usually required by someone or an entity.

* Contract Bonds - This group of bonds are for contracts either construction or non-construction,. apply here.
* Court Bonds - These bonds are for local, State or Federal level courts, apply here.
* Fidelity Bonds - ERISA, Janitorial, Home Care, Dishonesty, and other positions of trust, apply here.
* License & Permit Bonds - This group of bonds are for individuals and businesses (largest group), apply here.
* Miscellaneous bonds, apply here.
* Other types of bonds, apply here.
Step 2

Who is the obligee? Determining the obligee is important. The obligee is the person or entity requiring the and usually named on the bond. The obligee can be a company, a court, a person, a group, etc.

Step 3

Obtain a bond form. This is a critical component to the bonding process. Not having the correct bond form can get your bond rejected. There are thousands of bonds, bond forms, and obligees. So, this part is important. If you have the bond form we will ask you to provide it. There are instances where the bond form doesn't exist. Sureties have generic forms we use to solve this problem.

Step 4

Once you have determined what kind of bond you need, the obligee, and the bond form, it's time to get a quote. If your bond is a contract bond you can get request a quote here. If you're not sure which bond you need we will help you with that. You start here or contact us at 1-877-426-6396.

Step 5

After you have submitted your application to Jane Bond Insurance Agency, we take a bit of time to place you in the right market with the correct surety in order to gain the best rate. We will respond to you, usually within an hour. Once we respond to you, you decide if you would like to proceed with the bonding process or not.

Step 6

You have decided to proceed with the awesome rate you received from Jane Bond Insurance Agency. We may ask you for additional documents or information depending upon what kind of bond it is. For contract bonds under 250k we can have a result in about 24 - 48 hours. Contract bonds over 250k will require additional information and take longer. Most other bonds (License & Permit, Court, etc.) are usually turned around in 24 hours. There are some exceptions depending upon the complexity and bond form availability.

Step 7

You have decided to go forward with your bond purchase. We obtain the bond for you and it is now ready to issue. Your bond will be printed, signed, and notarized if needed.

Step 8

We will need a signed application (if required) returned to us via fax or e-mail.

Step 9

You will be invoiced. This will include the price of the bond, bond fee, shipping, and if you choose to pay via credit card, there is a 3% processing fee. You can pay this online here or you can pay over the phone. You can also send funds to the main office. Once we have the appropriate signed application, paperwork, and payment you bond will be released.

Step 10 Bond is sent using the method you've chosen.
Buyer's Guide and Surety Bonding Steps
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