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Defective Title Bond | Certificate of Title Bond

Surety Bond

Penal Amounts vary by State (some States multiply the value of the vehicle by .5 - 3x's as a requirment for bonding.)

Bonds in amounts of $25,000 and under are instantly issued.

This bond is used to clear the title of a vechile you are buying, selling, or trying to register. Bond amounts are grouped into two categories. Bonds that are under 25k will not require a credit check. Bonds over 25k will go through an underwriting review. The rating on this bond is right around $20 per 1k. There is a $150.00 minimum. Values are based on the value of the vehicle not what you paid for it.

Use the quick quote to get a rate on your bond. Click the application to apply for the bond. We will need the year, make, model, and vin or hull number of the vehicle, and proof of ownership.

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General Note: Some bonds can be instantly issued and some can be issued within a few hours. If the bond needs to be underwritten it can take 72 hours or longer depending upon the size and complexity of the bond.

Defective Title | Certificate of Title Bond

Jane Bond

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