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Hawaii Probate Surety Bond

Bond Probate

Depending upon the amount of the bond your credit Will Be Reviewed For This Bond in higher increments. There are a few options for higher bond amounts for those with damaged credit. Call us to discuss. Also, the majority of these bonds require an attorney that is actively involved in the case.

Bonds under 100k are instantly issued in most states.

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First $250,000 $4 - $10 per 1k  
$251,000 - $500,000 $2.50 - $3 per 1k  
$501,000 - $999,000 $1.00per 1k and up  
1MM and Over $.50 per 1k and up  

Probate Bond:

Probate surety bonds are sometimes required by the court. The reasoning varies depending upon the case. This bond is issued for administrators, executors, guardian, conservator, or trustees.

General Note: Some bonds can be instantly issued and some can be issued within a few hours. If the bond needs to be underwritten it can take 72 hours or longer depending upon the size and complexity of the bond.

Hawaii Probate Surety Bond

Probate Bonds

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