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Oregon Surety Bond

Surety Bond

This list is not all inclusive. In addition, specific bond applications are being created daily. If you do not see a bond listed or a direct working link to the bond you need, use the general bond application form located here. You can also give us a call at 877-426-6396 we will be happy to assist you.

Bond Costs: Bond costs range in price from .5% to 25% of the penalty value of the bond. The average is 1% - 5%. There are instances the cost can be higher in the non-standard market. The factors considered are the type of bond, your credit standing (not for all bonds, but the majority), the current condition of the industry you are seeking bonding in, and the risk history of the bond. Our goal is to seek the LOWEST rate possible for your bond. Why pay more?

  • Contract Bonds - .5% - 4% and higher
  • Court Bonds - 1% - 4% and higher
  • Immigration Bonds - 12% - 15% + Full collateral
  • License & Permit Bonds - 1% - 5% average and 5% - 25% (and higher in the non-standard market)
  • Probate Bonds - depends upon the amount. The higher the bond the lower the rate. .25% - 5%
  • With the exception of a few (Notary and Process Server) most bonds have a $155 minimum

Surety Bonds (Not All Bonds Are Listed)

All Contract Bonds
App for Contract Bonds
Bid, Payment, Performance - $250,000 and under
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Bid, Payment, Performance - $250,001 and over
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License & Permit

App for License & Permit
Adjuster - Private

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Adjuster - Public
Agricultural Dealer
Alcoholic Tax (Wholesale, Retail, Mixed)
Alcoholic Liquor Wholesaler | Manufacturer | Brewer    
Annual Oversize Permit    
ARC OR Sellers of Travel    
Auto Insurance Fund Producer    
Automotive Dismantlers and Parts Recycler Bond    
Auto Wreckers    
Bail Bond Agent    
Beer and or Wine Tax    
Bid Bond    
Blue Sky    
Body Shop    
Bond Of Seller (Sales Tax)    
Burglar Alarm | Fire Alarm    
Business Partner Automation
Business Services    
Car Wash    
Certificate of Title    
Certified Public Weigher    
Check Casher (Pay Day Loans)    
Citrus Fruit Dealer    
Citrus Fruit Excise Tax | Inspection    
Coin Operated Amusement Machine Operator    
Collection Agency    
Community Care    
Contract Bonds  
Contractor (pool & roof)    
Contractor - Non-Resident    
Customs Bond    
Day or Temp Labor    
Defective Title    
Designated Agency | Designated Agent    
Detective Agency    
Dishonesty - Business Service    
Distilled Spirits, Wine, & Malt Beverage Tax    
Driver Education Program    
Durable Medical Equipment (DMEPOS)    
Educational Institution    
Employment Agency    
Employment Leasing Company    
Farm Labor
Fertilizer Dealer    
Finance Lender    
Financial Obligations    
Fish Dealer    
Fire Extinguisher System    
Firearms Dealer    
First Mortgage Broker    
Fuel Tax    
Funeral or Burial Fund    
Funeral Seller    
Fur Dealer    
Gambling Manager    
Game of Chance    
Gaming Establishment    
Gas Fitter    
Grain Dealer    
Grazing & Farming Lease    
Gross Production Tax    
Guaranteed Toll Account    
Hauling - Credit | Performance    
HVAC Compliance    
Hearing Aid Fitter    
Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor    
Highway Right of Way    
Highway & Street Permit    
Home Health Care Fidelity Bond    
Home Improvement Contractor    
Hunting & Fishing Guide    
Immigration Consultant Bond    
Information Purchaser    
Inspection Station    
Insurance - Advisor | Agent | Broker | Consultant | Producer    
Insurance - Adjuster Private    
Insurance - Adjuster Public    
Investment Advisor    
Janitorial | Business Service Bond    
Legal Document Assistant    
License Agent    
Limited Restaurant License    
Liquor by the Drink    
Liquor License    
Loan Broker
Local Compliance    
Long Term Care Facility    
Lost Instrument - Individual    
Lost Instrument - Company    
Lottery Agent    
Manufactured Home Dealers (warranty & no warranty)    
Manufactured Home Installer    
Manufactured Home Service Company    
Mileage Tax    
Milk Dealer    
Mobile Home Consumer Deposit    
Mobile Home Dealer    
Mobile Home Installer    
Mortgage Bank | Broker    
Motorcycle Dealer    
Motor Vehicle Wholesale Auction    
Motor Vehicle Dealer *Franchise and Used Vehicles    
Motor Vehicle Dealer Wholesale    
Motor Vehicle Driving School    
Motor Vehicle Information Requestor    
Motor Vehicle Recycle    
Motor Vehicle Salesperson
App for Notary Bonds
Notary (with or without E&O)
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Nursing Home | Patient Trust
Nurses Registry
Official Testing Station    
One Day Liquor    
Outdoor Advertisor    
Outfitter or Guide    
Oversized | Overweight    
Paid Solicitor    
Partial Service License Branch    
Payroll Processor    
Payment Bond    
Performance Bond
Pest Control    
Pesticide Applicator    
Precious Metal & Gem Dealer    
Premium Finance Company    
Private Detective    
Private Security    
Private Schools    
Process Server    
Produce Dealer    
Professional Fundraisers - Solicitors    
Professional Photocopier    
Public License Tag Agent    
Real Estate Appraisal Management ($25,000)    
Real Estate Brokers    
Registration Service    
Remittance Agent    
Rental Company Tax    
Residential Mortgage Lender | Service    
Retail Liquor | Transport    
Retailer On-Premise Liquor    
Sales Finance Company    
Sales Tax    
Salvage Yard    
School Bus Driver    
Secondhand Dealer    
Security System Installer    
Sewage Treatment Installer Hauler Service    
Small Loan Lender    
Snowmobile or Motorcycle Dealer    
Solid Waste Collector    
Sprinkler System    
Street Obstruction    
Subcontractor Sales and Use Tax    
Subsurface Sewage Disposal Installer    
Subterranean Termite Eradication    
Surplus Lines Broker    
Talent Agent    
Tax Preparer    
Technology System Contractor
Third Party Administrator    
Title Insurance Producer    
Title Insurance Settlement Agent    
Title Service Company    
Tobacco Tax    
Tobacco Weighman    
Tow Truck Operator    
Transient Vendor    
Trade School    
Traffic School Bond    
Trustee or Mortgagee for Foreclosure    
Unemployment Compensation    
Unlawful Detainer Assistant    
Vehicle Registration Service    
Vehicle Verifier    
Vessel Dealer    
Video Lottery    
Waste Tire Hauler    
Water Well Driller    
Well Driller    
Wholesaler Pharmacy    
Yacht & Ship Broker    
App for Miscellaneous Bonds
Contract Postal Unit
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Packers and Stockyards - Agents | Dealer
Packers and Stockyards - Packers
Toll Road and Turnpike Authority    
Union Benefits Guarantee    
Union Wage & Benefits Guarantee    
Utility Deposit    
App for Court Bond
Appeal | Supersedeas
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Attachment | Sequestration
Bankruptcy - 7 - 11
Claim & Delivery    
Cost Bond    
Garnishment - Defendant    
Garnishment - Plaintiff    
Immigration - (ICE)    
Indemnity to Sheriff (after judgment)    
Indemnity to Sheriff (other writs of process)    
Mechanics Lien    
Preliminary Injunction Bond    
Plaintiff | Defendant Bonds    
Stop Notice    
Temporary Restraining Order    
Writ of Possession    
Chapter 7    
Chapter 11    
Masters, Referees, Trustees, Commissioners to sell and distribute assets    
Receivers, Trustees, Others to manage property or a business    
Receivers, Trustees, Others to liquidate assets and distribute to creditors    
Administrator, Conservator, Executor, Guardian, Limited Guardian, Trustee (Under will or trust)    
Administrator, Conservator, Executor, Guardian, Limited Guardian, Trustee (Under will or trust)    
Administrator, Conservator, Executor, Guardian, Limited Guardian, Trustee (Under will or trust)    
Administrator, Conservator, Executor, Guardian, Limited Guardian, Trustee (Under will or trust)    
App for Public Official
County Commissioner
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Hunting & Fish License Vendors
Notary Public
Public Administrators    
Sheriffs and all Subordinates    
Tax Collector    
All Other Bonds
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Oregon Surety Bonds

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